Runway Project

Airport Runway Project

Carroll County, in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA), completed an Airport Master Plan Update (MPU) in 2015 for the Carroll County Regional Airport (DMW). The primary goal of the master planning effort was to establish a solid plan for the future development of the Carroll County Airport that emphasizes and incorporates feasible airport improvements. Currently, there is one runway at DMW, Runway 16-34, which is 5,100 feet long. The 2015 MPU recommends that a 5,500 foot, replacement runway be constructed just west of the existing runway to appropriately accommodate the existing and forecasted aircraft demand at the Carroll County Airport over the 20-year planning horizon. The existing runway would then be decommissioned.


The types of aircraft forecasted to use the airport over the next 20 years include the family of medium sized business jets, similar to the Challenger 605 aircraft. These types of aircraft typically hold from 8-12 passengers. There are no plans for large, commercial service jets to operate at DMW.


Several associated projects are also proposed, including the realignment of Meadow Branch Road west of the airport, in order to accommodate the replacement runway and to meet FAA-prescribed design standards for safety.


For more information on the proposed runway extension project, please contact Airport Management at 410-876-9885.

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