The Carroll County Regional Airport had humble beginnings as a general aviation airport that emerged from a pasture land and evolved over the years to serve local commercial and private plane owners and aviation groups.


The Carroll County Airport was the home of the M-ASA Soaring Association in the 60’s and was the base of the legendary aerobatic pilot Jack B. Poage.


Carroll County became involved with the airport in 1976 when several hundred acres were acquired that included a grass strip runway north of Westminster on the west side of Route 97. The vision at that time was to create a business and industrial park with the hope that businesses needing air transport would locate there. In 1977, a single paved asphalt runway 3,220 feet long was constructed. In the mid-1990’s, the runway was extended to its current length of 5,100 feet.


Then, in the early 2000’s, seven corporate hangars were constructed that each provide 10,000 sq. ft. of hangar space. Today these hangars are fully rented by companies such as Skytech, the airport’s Fixed Base Operator (FBO), for their sales center, Milwaukee Tools, Dream Flight School, and Surdex, a leading provider of geospatial data services.

airport image from 1980

~ June 1980

6th Largest Runway

5,100 feet Runway is 6th Largest Non-Military Runway in Maryland, with future plans to replace with 5,500 feet

Fuel Farm

Four 12,000 Gallon Tanks - 3 Jet & 1 AVGas


Airport Began Operating an Aviation Maintenance Facility & Certified Pilot Flight Training Center